Welcome to Virgil Arlo Vintage Pickups
For most of his life, Virgil Arlo has been building the highest quality reproductions of what a Vintage Guitar Pickup should sound like.  His pickups have ended up in some of the some of the finest artists guitars.  If you are looking to return a vintage guitar to it's former glory or give a more modern guitar that timeless Vintage Tone, then you have arrived at the right spot.  You will not find a more musical, versatile or organic sounding set of guitar pickups.  

Virgil Arlo is a one man show.  In years past he took all of his orders by phone but times have changed.  Currently he only builds Stratocaster and Telecaster replacement pickups.  Wait times are between 4 to 8 weeks.  Take a look around and thanks for stopping by! 

                      ***Build and Delivery time takes between 4 to 8 weeks***

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